Expert Seminar on anti-COVID-19 Chinese herbal medicine “Handian Taishen Granule” held in Ritan, Beijing


On 26th Nov, 2020, Handian Pharma held an expert seminar on anti-COVID-19 Chinese herbal medicine “Handian Taishen Granule” in Ritan, Beijing. Handian Hongni Taishen Granule originates from the ancient formulation against taiyin cold-dampness disorder. This formula   is of aromatic property and could dry dampness, resolve turbidity and dispel filthy pathogens. The research team of Handian Pharma has started screening and developing this innovative new drug since the fight against Ebola virus in 2015. The development of this product is based on epidemiological data, clinical usage, ancient dosing regimen and modern pharmaceutical technology in collaboration with professional and academic institutions including China Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) and GLP-certified bodies. Pharmacological, toxicological and clinical data are to be completed to further demonstrate its efficacy and safety. The company is also seeking for internal collaboration using this anti-viral Chinese herbal medicine.

Press conference

The Ritan (which means the Temple of Sun in Chinese) used to be a sacred place for ancient Chinese people to worship the God of Sun. The “Taishen Granule” expert seminar is held here in the hope that “Taishen Granule” will act like the sun to dispel the pain and darkness brought by COVID-19 to this world.   

COVID-19 is an infectious pandemic disease, belonging to “pestilence” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is caused by the contraction of pestilential toxin (SARS-CoV-2). Most of the COVID-19 patients are of cold-dampness constitutions. Exposure to this external cold-dampness pestilential toxin precipitates such patients to develop the TCM pattern of cold-dampness stagnating the lung.

Its components of this formula can eliminate dampness and turbidity, repel foulness and remove toxin, which give it cold-dampness eliminating and antiviral effects. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, it rectifies taiyin cold damp constitution and restores yin-yang balance of the body, which can help patients regain immunity and prevents the virus from affecting the spleen to damage the body.

Experts Seminar

Handian Pharma(Group)invited a number of TCM experts including Prof. Chen Keji, academician of China Academy of Sciences, to this expert seminar. During the meeting, all  participating experts praised highly of Taishen Granule. Preliminary clinical studies have already demonstrated its significant effect in the treatment of novel coronal pneumonia. This product is still undergoing preclinical studies. As there are very few current COVID-19 patients in China, the company plans to start collaborative clinical trials with overseas countries.

Major key opinion leaders and experts in the medical fields have participated this expert seminar, including Prof. Chen Keji, academician of China Academy of Sciences (CAS), Li Junde, deputy director of China Association of Chinese Medicine, Wang Xiaoliang, former director of Institute of Materia Medica, CAMS, Fang Dingya, Chief physician, former president of Xiyuan Hospital, CACMS, Liu Shuzhi, principal researcher of Institute of Chinese Materia Medica, CACMS.

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