Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical FULL SUPPORT to fight against the epidemic


After the outbreak of COVID-19, Beijing Handian Company reacted swiftly, giving full play to the responsibilities of large pharmaceutical companies, and on the basis of careful prevention and control of the company, it fully supported the fight against the epidemic and actively donated two batches of urgently needed drugs and medical materials to Hubei. The total value has exceeded 4.72 million Yuan.

Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical

Facing with the shortage of epidemic prevention materials in Hubei, the Handian Group actively carried out multi-party contact procurement including protective clothing, medical alcohol and other epidemic situation urgently needed donations for epidemic prevention and control materials, and organized the production of donated Chinese medicine formula tablets. A total of 8,000 sets of Innomed brand one-piece protective clothing, 2.5 tons of alcohol, 150 boxes of Xiaochaihu effervescent tablets and 5000 boxes of moxa sticks were donated to the Danjiangkou City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Hubei Province. The Han Dian Group is willing to work together with the related front-line staff to work hard to win the epidemic.

The epidemic is merciless, and as a company with a sense of social responsibility, seeing that government departments are doing their best to prevent and control the epidemic, watching them in action, the company also wants to do its part. As a pharmaceutical company, Handian Group has also joined the fight against the epidemic, actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, taking the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic. In terms of resumption of work, after the epidemic occurred, the Handian Group immediately launched an emergency response plan, organized an emergency response leading group for epidemic prevention and control, convened emergency response meetings from time to time, and comprehensively and carefully arranged the company’s epidemic prevention and control measures and plans. Prepare materials for epidemic prevention and control, and gradually complete the work of resuming work in an orderly manner on the premise that the prevention and control measures for the work environment are completed.

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