A technology project of Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical: Honee Taishen Granule for COVID-19


The anti-new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) drug researched by the research team of the Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Center (Handian Chinese Medicine) is about to be launched, and is named Handian HD1 Hongni Taishen Granule. This product is derived from the ancient anti-plague prescription in China. The drug was screened during the Ebola virus resistance in 2015, which is consistent with the epidemic symptoms of the new coronavirus. The Handian Pharmaceutical Medical Center (Handian Chinese Medicine) and the Handian Academy cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and GLP certification bodies to further improve safety and effectiveness research. The company is also currently seeking international cooperation, drug registration, and further clinical research.

The principle of this prescription: remove cold and dampness, resolve viruses, reconcile Taiyin cold and wet constitution (yin and yang balance), restore the body’s immunity, resist coronavirus, block the transmission of virus parasitic spleen cold and damp environment, and eliminate the damage of COVID-19 to the body.

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